About RDGs

A vital function of the Network is to facilitate small groups of individuals into task-focused Research Development Groups (RDGs) which will develop specific research protocols to attract external funding in relation to a new policy/intervention planned by a policy, practice or service partner in the field of public health.

  • RDGs will form and reform organically in response to opportunities for public health research
  • Only NIPHRN members can form an RDG

The RDG Model

  • NIPHRN member has a research idea
  • Member completes short enquiry form detailing data
  • Idea is circulated to network members
  • Interested members express an interest in the research idea
  • Multi-disciplinary RDG is formed
  • RDG meets regularly to develop proposal
  • Evidence from research project feeds back to the public health community

Present Research Groups

  • Alcohol and Mental Health
  • Shared Reading  intervention for ambulance control room staff
  • Sporting Activity Load, Mental Health, and Obesity
  • Take Five Ways To Wellbeing
  • Wearable Technology in Parkinsons' Disease
  • Breastfeeding Strategy Implementation

Past Research Groups

  • Physical activity in older adults
  • Social complexity and pregnancy
  • University Students and COVID-19
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • AAA Screening
  • Arts in Health
  • Mental Health Stroke